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The McDonald Consulting Group has been helping organizations through consulting services for over 20 years. We can walk you through the entire process of deploying your business and management systems, streamlining or improving them, or simply focus on a subset that you are interested in.


We bring the training to you on-site for a uniquely tailored approach, or you can choose one of our public workshops.

Our clients love that we can customize the offering, using company-specific examples, and help attendees understand how this can be applied to your unique situation


Internal audits, Supplier audits, Integrated Audits and Remote Facility or Offshore Audits - The McDonald Consulting Group has it covered.

Our 20+ years of experience across multiple industries ensures that we can do the job for you efficiently and provide excellent value for your auditing dollars.

ISO Transition

Our CEO/CTO is a member at the National level of the US Technical Advisory Group for ISO 9001 (TAG 176), ISO 14001 (TAG 207), and DIS ISO 45001 (PC 283 – pending). 

Mary worked on the standards as they were developed, and participated in the upgrade process in person. Who better to help you with your transition process than she?

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Revision Workshops

Learn about the key changes in the Standards and prepare for the transition

I give this course 5 STARS! Mary is an expert in 9001. She sits on the US Technical Advisory Group and helped to draft the US submittal to the international effort. This 8 hour course provided me with so much information. It was well-presented and I highly recommend it to everyone who needs to learn about the update to ISO 9001:2015

Scott Berman 

I recently attended Mary McDonald’s ISO 9001-2015 Transition Training. She provided a very informative and detailed instruction of how to move forward with the new standard. I highly recommend everyone attend this awesome and informative training!!

Tim Pullen 
Goodwill Industries of San Antonio

Lean Kaizen Facilitation

McDonald Consulting Group can provide assistance to companies looking to achieve significant business results through our Lean Kaizen Facilitation.

Lean is the elimination of the 8 wastes that can occur in a process.
Kaizen is small, incremental changes to a process.
Kaikaku is large, radical changes to a process.

McDonald Consulting Group has participated in several process improvement implementations, using the tools of Lean, Kaizen, and Kaikaku to great effect.

RoHS 2

McDonald Consulting Group services include determination of RoHS2 status, determination of the Technical Documentation complying with EN 50581, and implementation of RoHS2 compliance in your organization.

We can provide a final review of your internally-generated Technical Documentation, to verify it meets all EN 50581 requirements, or we can generate this documentation for you.

We can work with you to convert your facility to RoHS2 compliance - including plant layout services to ensure segregation and elimination or minimization of cross-contamination; conversion of your lines to RoHS2; and training of your personnel (including IPC 610A training) to bring them up to speed on latest techniques.

“Without a doubt a subject expert. Their knowledge and network of resources (other quality experts, etc.) provide you with all the information you need to set up an outstanding quality management system or enhance and improve an existing one.
Lisa Dabbs VP of American National Molding
“The McDCG consulting expertise is the best. Our clients have appreciated the depth of understanding and insight the McDCG consulting staff has brought to every project assigned. I would not hesitate to rely on them for any project, from the simple to the complex. I highly recommend The McDonald Consulting Group.
Scott Dawson President of Core Business Solutions

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